Trock meet-up!

•21/08/2009 • 4 Comments

There’s going to be a Trock meet-up on BlogTV on Saturday 05th September at 12pm GMT! Come and meet some other Trock fans, listen to some songs played live and generally have lots of fun and probably virtual cake.


New Songs!

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There have been a couple of new songs released this week!

“Mickey” by Exterminate! was posted on her YouTube channel. Check it out here!

Friends In Time also have a new song called “I Love The Doctor More Than You” on their MySpace page!

If you’re a band and have released a new song, please e-mail me timelordrock at gmail dot com. :3

Trock On! Compilation CD Available for Pre-Order

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Aaah! The new Trock On! Compilation CD brought together by Alex Day is now available for Pre-Order from DFTBA’s store! CDs will ship August 6th, the official release date.

There are 18 brilliant tracks on the album:

1. “Doctor, Doctor” (Mr. Saxon)
2. “When Autons Attack” (Turn Left)
3. “The Sound of Drums” (Quantum Locked)
4. “My Name Is John Smith (I Am The Doctor)” (The Lonely Traveler)
5. “Jennyrated Anomaly” (The Doctor’s Daughter)
6. “Never Let You See” (Walk In Eternity)
7. “Miss Martha” (Bad Wolf Bay)
8. “Type 40 (Acoustic)” (Chameleon Circuit)
9. “Donna’s Song” (Exterminate!)
10. “Doctor’s Anguish” (Friends In Time)
11. “Onward” (Dr. Noise)
12. “Regeneration Is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts)” (The Medusa Cascade)
13. “Who Turned Out The Lights” (Harriet Jones And The Former Prime Ministers)
14. “Giant Robot” (Time Agency)
15. “The Osterhagen Key” (One Man, Two Hearts [feat. Mr. Saxon])
16. “New Earth” (Tom Milsom)
17. “Feline Fettle” (Harmonies In Whoville)
18. “Lloyd In The Void” (Technicolour Chaos)

For more info, see DFTBA’s Wiki! Be sure to grab yours before they dematerialize!

Chameleon Circuit music video competition winner!

•02/07/2009 • 1 Comment

Chameleon Circuit were running a contest for the best music video for An Awful Lot Of Running, and the winner has been announced as Ed Stockham (smilinglimpet)!

Congratulations, Ed! Enjoy the Converse :)

Chameleon Circuit in DWM!

•30/06/2009 • 1 Comment

Back in May Alex and Charlie of Chameleon Circuit were interviewed by Benjamin Cook for the Doctor Who Magazine! That magazine is now out, so go and get your copy and eat the Chameleon Circuit goodness.

@coollike Got my copy of Doctor Who Magazine in the post today, look! Thanks @benjamin_cook :D

New Chameleon Circuit interview online

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Den Of Geek has published a new interview with Alex Day of Chameleon Circuit, speaking about the album, inspirations and the Trock fandom. On creating the genre, Alex is noted as saying, “I was inspired by wizard rock, a community that sings about Harry Potter. I wanted to create something similar and motivate people to celebrate Doctor Who in a fun, new way.”

He goes on to talk about what might happen if Trock gains more followers: “We’ve been talking about playing shows and lots of people want us to, but we’ll have to get rehearsing first. I feel like most conferences are attended by older fans who appreciate the old show primarily, and I want to encourage younger people who might not otherwise attend Who events to start coming for their favourite Trock bands.”

Song Saturday!

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Welcome to the first Song Saturday! We’ll start with “Miss Martha” by Bad Wolf Bay. It’s a light-hearted song, but beware its catchiness.